Drum and Bass

Kasra Mowlavi has a reputation for possessing impeccable taste. His Critical Music label has been home to some of the most forward thinking drum & bass since the label's inception back in 2002, and Mowlavi continues to stretch any tired expectations of the genre by housing work from esteemed new school producers like Rockwell, Sabre, Foreign Concept and Enei. A full circle progression from early releases by Calibre, Breakage and Icicle, it's a testament to Kasra's outlook that Critical's integrity remains unblemished after ten years of releasing music. It hasn't ever waned or deviated from its original goal of releasing quality drum & bass, properly and without compromise; and that's something he's constantly projected - in three compilations he's compiled on Critical to date and throughout the tracklisting that makes up his contribution to our mix series, FABRICLIVE 62.

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