Raised in towns of disparate temperament, though both relatively austere, the Optimo duo grew up living parallel lives, making similar discoveries (punk attitudes, against-the-grain musical tastes, rave culture) around the same time. The two even made the move to Glasgow, the city in which they're revered as local heroes these days, coincidentally around the same age, for coinciding reasons. JD Twitch grew up amongst the quiet landscapes of Edinburgh, the person amongst his crowd "with the most records," so a DJing career came about inevitably and organically. After making the move to Glasgow for music at the age of 18, 4 years later he found himself going back and forth between Glasgow and his hometown when he started an Edinburgh-based club night with a few friends, Pure. Now regarded as a seminal chapter in the history of UK electronic music, Pure was one of the first clubs in the UK (if not Europe) to book overseas royalty such as Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, Green Velvet and Jeff Mills. Over the course of its 10 year run, Pure also expanded to London, Dublin, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee, among other tours around Europe.

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