As one third of the team behind Hessle Audio, it's fair to say that Kevin McAuley's had a notable impact impact on the world of modern electronic music over the past 5 or so years. Writing music as Pangaea, his early tracks like 'Router' distilled an ear for picking swirling vocal samples into a sort of broken 2-step, creating hauntingly beautiful tracks that hit heavy on a dancefloor with their swung drums and heady melodies.

His sound has continued to mutate, with his second extended work Release marking him out as one of the more ruffneck producers out there in the post-everything swamp that dubstep left behind. Infusing his music with the bombastic confidence of burly jungle and hardcore records and leaning little on the templates of what other producers are flirting with, you'll almost certainly recognise a Pangaea record when you hear it. His DJ sets reflect that sort of celebrated outsider standing perfectly, and he has performed across the world and hosted parties everywhere from Barcelona to Room One here at fabric.

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