Growing up in South Africa, Alan Abrahams aka Portable aka Bodycode has kept an explicit connection to his musical background heritage in his contemporary production. Fusing Afro-European music and culture together whilst transcending the waves of electronic music he brought himself to London at the turn of the century where he founded the S?d Electronic label with his partner Lerato in 2002 which became a platform primarily for releasing his own works as well as a few select guests. Since leaving London a few years on he's found himself based in Lisbon and currently Berlin, where he's enlisted none other than Tama Sumo to join in on the A&R of the label as their latest addition to the S?d Electronic fam.

We also can't mention Portable without giving a nod to his dance floor focussed alias Bodycode - a body moving dance project backed by a repertoire of dance-floor essentials including the 'A Document Of An African Past' EP on Yore Records and 'Immune' LP on Spectral Sound.

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