Terry Francis

Tech House

Alongside weekly dates worldwide, Terry's been a Saturday resident here at fabric since we first opened our doors and his DJ sets have been a consistent highlight in the club's history, continually underlining his dual position as scene-stayer and tastemaker.

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Monday 3rd September 2012
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Wednesday 1st August 2012
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Thursday 26th July 2012
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Thursday 20th October 2011
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Wednesday 28th September 2011
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Thursday 22nd September 2011
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Friday 9th September 2011
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Friday 2nd September 2011
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Tuesday 30th August 2011
A Quick Chat with Tensnake (& Win a Ltd Edition Live+ Boxset)
Friday 26th August 2011
Introducing...DEMO (+ Exclusive Russ Yallop Edit)
Tuesday 16th August 2011
Audio: Sigha - Boiler Room Mix
Wednesday 27th July 2011
Audio: Superfreq X fabric Promo Mix By Mr C
Tuesday 12th July 2011
Catching up with Asad Rizvi (+ Exclusive Recording)
Tuesday 21st June 2011
fabric 58: Craig Richards presents The Nothing Special
Thursday 19th May 2011
Feed Your Stereo: Skudge - Phantom LP
Wednesday 6th April 2011
Audio: Eddie Richards Live At Absurd
Monday 21st March 2011
Competition: Win Copies of Klunk & Zilly's next 12"
Tuesday 15th March 2011
In The Company Of...Nina Kraviz
Wednesday 9th March 2011
Feed Your Stereo: Ben Klock Mix For Trax Magazine
Tuesday 1st February 2011
Audio: Nature or Nurture 2nd Birthday fabric Promo Mixed by The Pushamann
Thursday 27th January 2011
Audio: Re.You fabric Promo Mix
Wednesday 19th January 2011
Audio: Alan Fitzpatrick fabric Promo Mix
Monday 17th January 2011
Audio: Lewis Ryder - fabric Promo Mix
Tuesday 4th January 2011
Audio: Cassy, Hearthrob and Paco Osuna for fabric NYE 2011
Wednesday 15th December 2010
Introducing: Maetrik (+ Hybridlife Podcast)
Friday 29th October 2010
In The Company Of... Chris Finke
Wednesday 29th September 2010
Audio: Lewis Ryder - Bigger Deer Recordings Mix
Friday 27th August 2010
Audio: Todd Bodine - Live Set
Wednesday 21st July 2010
Audio: Nature or Nuture Mixes from The Pushamann, Gamal Kabar and Vian
Wednesday 21st July 2010
Weekend Soon Come, Ready Troops.
Wednesday 26th May 2010
Feed Your Stereo: The Pushamann
Wednesday 14th April 2010
Competitive Streak
Thursday 25th March 2010
News Just In: The Phenomenal Handclap Band In Room One This Saturday
Thursday 11th March 2010
High Fidelity: Jozif's Thigh Slappers
Friday 8th January 2010
Ivan Smagghe's 10th Birthday Set
Thursday 17th December 2009
Feed Your Stereo: TONI D
Wednesday 16th December 2009
Thursday 15th October 2009
SWAYZAK: On Life, Minimal, Tea & Cakes...Cop A FREE MIX Too.
Tuesday 13th October 2009
Feed Your Stereo: BUTANE
Wednesday 22nd July 2009
Feed Your Stereo: NICK DARE
Thursday 2nd July 2009
Feed Your Stereo: Brett Johnson Modyfier Mix
Wednesday 1st July 2009
  • Recorded Live - 21.09.2013

    Our resident Terry Francis recorded live in Room Three on 21.09.2013...

  • Recorded Live - 21.09.2013

    Archive of Terry Francis warming up in Room One at the m_nus takeover on 21.09.2103...

  • Recorded Live - 16.06.2012

    Exclusive stream of our resident Terry Francis' set from 16th June just gone. We'll be using it as promotion for the upcoming Wiggle night on the 11th August but fabricfirst member...

  • Recorded Live - 22.01.2011

    Part 1 of Terry Francis' set recorded live on 22.01.2011 in Rm 2. Exclusively made available for public consumption here in the fabricfirst audio section....

  • Recorded Live 02/08/08

    Terry Francis' weekly DJ sets have been a consistent highlight in Fabric's history, continually underlining his dual position as scene-stayer and tastemaker. An unwitting ambassado...

  • Recorded Live 31/12/2006

    Terry Francis' weekly DJ sets have been a consistent highlight in Fabric's history, continually underlining his dual position as scene-stayer and tastemaker. An unwitting ambassado...

  • 30min Promotional Mix

    When Terry Francis and Nathan Coles started throwing parties, it was pretty much a reaction to their circumstances. Already committed to London's fledging acid house scene, and bot...

  • Recorded Live 17/09/2005

    Terry Francis' weekly DJ sets have been a consistent highlight in Fabric's history, continually underlining his dual position as scene-stayer and tastemaker. An unwitting ambassado...

  • 30min Promotional Mix

    Terry Francis' weekly DJ sets have been a consistent highlight in Fabric's history, continually underlining his dual position as scene-stayer and tastemaker. An unwitting ambassado...