High Fidelity: APES & ANDROIDS

Posted in High Fidelity on Wednesday 10th June, 2009 by Danna Takako

e to make lists. We live to make lists. If it wasn’t proof that we have way too much time on our hands, we’d tell you all about the winners of our departmental awards ceremonies [ahem, Best Smile In Electronic Music went to Tom Middleton in '06 (a grin so bright, it could power the city of London) and Claude VonStroke seems to win Best Laugh in Dance Music consistently every year  (it's like a combination of Dr Hibbert and Santa Claus)].  So it's no surprise that Nick Hornby's  'High Fidelity' novel struck such a chord with us, as did the way John Cusak’s character obsessively collects Top 5 lists in the brilliant flick...

With that in mind, we decided to turn to the group described by the NME as “Brooklyn’s Most Ludicrous Art Pop Collective,” Apes & Androids for our first ludicrous High Fidelity post.

They’ve shedded a little light for you on their hairy robot inspired moniker by listing their top 5 of each.


1. The monkey on YouTube that drinks it's own pee (Monkey)
2. The Cadbury Dairy Milk drummer (Gorilla)
3. Damon Albarn (Gorilla)
4. Bigfoot (Imaginary)
5. Davy Jones (Monkee)


1. Britney Spears
2. Robosaurus
3. BigDog - The Robotic Mule
4. David Elsewhere
5. Pimpbot 5000