Props For Some True Headz

Posted in Competitions Music on Thursday 7th January, 2010 by Gineric

Whilst we rarely post the names of the winners of our competitions publicly, we felt it necessary on this occasion just because of the sheer effort that went into the entries from some people for a Metalheadz competition.

A month or so ago, after spending the day basking in the majesty of the Metalheadz back catalogue, we asked any readers that were as geeky as us to send their five favourite Metalheadz cuts of all time, and some entrants just went above and beyond. Hats off to Ben Lethbridge and Gergo Farkas, below are the emails they sent us. Both of them really know their stuff, but it's a testament to the depth of feeling that Metalheadz have built up among their following over the years as much as anything.

Do yourself a favour and follow the links to the tracks they’ve suggested.


I thought that this was the least I could do, thanks for making me take the time to think back over all these tracks that I have loved for such a long time!

01. J Majik – ‘Your Sound’

It captured that minor/major synth and amen sound so well.

02. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – ‘Universe / Lose Control’
Both cuts on this plate showed how rich and deep D&B could be before the word liquid was ever coined.

03. Photek – ‘Neptune’
For me Photek is the most exciting producer that ever went into the studio in the 90s. It was great to see Metalheadz appreciating all types of beats.

04. John B – ‘Take Control’
I remember hearing this and loving the way that I couldn't work out whether this was garage-y jungle or jungle-y garage! Either way it didn't matter, it had the sound of London laced deep into it.

05. Commix – ‘Be True’
This was going full circle, seeing the young guys coming through with something that sounded crisp and new but used classis 808s, piano chords and warm basslines as an incredibly up-to-date homage to the sound that makes up Metalheadz.


I've just read your blog post, and thought it was a great idea to run through the label's back catalogue and create my personal 15-track CD, so here you go.

The idea behind my personal '15 Years of Metalheadz' is simple, but great. I wanted to show how colourful the artists that are part of the Metalheadz family are, with even more colourful music! The tracklist contains about 50% melodic, soulful vibes and 50% rough, dirty 'headz sounds. I've picked only one track per year (that wasn't an easy thing to do!), because I wanted to create some sort of timeline.

Here is my ultimate list, I hope you like it!

01. Wax Doctor – ‘Kid Caprice’

02. Hidden Agenda – ‘The Flute Tune’

03. Metalheadz – ‘Terminator (Part 3: Rufige Kru Remix)’

04. J Majik – ‘Repertoire’

05. Dillinja – ‘Warrior Jazz’

06. Sci-Clone – ‘Lucid’

07. Total Science – ‘Borderline 2000’

08. Usual Suspects – ‘Tribute’

09. Fresh – ‘All Strung Out’

10. Amit – ‘Pirates’

11. D.Kay & DJ Lee – ‘Wax'd’

12. Heist – ‘Metal Slug’

13. Commix feat. Steve Spacek – ‘How You Gonna Feel’

14. Goldie – ‘Truez String’

15. Data – ‘Splice’

The '15 Years of Metalheadz'  compilation is out now. Check it out here.