Having cemented themselves firmly as one of the hottest prospects in the UK Drum and Bass scene, it is with no surprise that that Annix's debut album Inception has been regarded as one of the most anticipated underground releases of the year. Consisting of members Konichi and Decimal Bass, Annix have been slaves to the studio since early 2006, identifying their musical backgrounds as the driving force behind their passion for Drum and Bass.

Citing their addition to the Urban Agency roster as a significant step in their recent progression, Annix have swiftly moved up the ladder in terms of live performance, and have an impressive selection of shows already under their belt. Support from the likes of Kmag and D&B Arena has certainly turned a few heads in the past year, and the October release of Inception is one of the significant events in the 2013 Playaz Recordings calendar.

The Annix affiliation with Playaz manifested itself late in 2012 when 'Late Manouvre' found its way on to the 'The Flavours Vol. 4' EP, alongside the likes of Majistrate and Optiv. This catapulted Annix into 2013, with consistent support from DJ Hype on his Kiss FM show, as well as a release on DJ Hazard's esteemed Radius Recordings. From here, Annix were selected by Hype to perform at the Playaz Easter Special, which also allowed them to compile their first Fabric Live mix for the iconic London venue. In Playaz, Annix have stated they now have a label that they 'are 100% happy with', and despite a quiet few months of writing and perfecting their material, Annix insist their new batch of songs will 'cause some damage'! and are certainly ones to watch moving into 2014.