Call Super

There's a sense in modern electronic music that people are always striving for something else. As a collective, internet aware listenership, we're constantly looking for that piece of music to provide inspiration. Whether you're looking to isolated producers or a group of peers and the work they are currently releasing or you're digging backwards through the inconceivable archives of recorded music, there's always a thread that you seem to be chasing down. People don't really seem all that content to just sit back and explore the realms of what's possible in the moment. There's a real emphasis on progression, keeping moving and making new waves, but exploring the possibilities of what's current is something that is very much in the mind of Berlin resident Call Super (aka JR Seaton), who cements the existence of our Houndstooth label with his four track EP, The Present Tense.

"With every record I sit and write through process," Seaton ponders. "Frankly it's much like painting. Depending on that process and my mood, things come out a certain way. The present thing is to do with how I feel we live now, and my response to that. It's to do with being in this permanent kaleidoscope of influence, with so many things bouncing off one another and distance being compressed to nothing and that leading to one being bombarded with everything one wishes for culturally. I don't feel retro, or futuristic, or anything because of that. Because of that I feel lost in the present and that's wonderful."

Saturday 2nd November

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