DJ Haus

There's a real and present immediacy to the releases on DJ Haus' Unknown To The Unknown and Hot Haus labels that's actually incredibly comforting. Apparently doing it for all the right reasons, converting his access to unreleased music into fully fledged projects, they just seem to keep on coming and they're all presented with his inimitable tongue in cheek fashion with recognisably DIY artwork. Concise and to the point, he's a man with a lot of projects - including his own output that as of late has seen releases on the likes of Shades and Clone's offshoot Clone Jack For Daze. From out of the ashes of his previous production project, Hot City, he's found himself at the forefront of a lot of things since, but he's mainly been out front pioneering the attitude of feel good '90s house where people just went out to dance and dance hard.