DJ Hype

Few DJs or producers could claim to be, or have been, as active and committed to their music as the Hackney born DJ Hype is. Gaining experience as a member of the Heatwave Soundsystem (part of Shut Up & Dance), he mixed reggae, hip hop and house with the 'all-inclusive' attitude he now applies to drum and bass. He has built soundsystems, A&R'd for Kickin' Records, worked with both independent and major labels and hosted radio shows on the seminal Fantasy FM and his current broadcasting home, Kiss. Hype, who now owns and operates the legendary Playaz empire - a seminal institution which for almost 20 years has provided high quality music for the junglist massive - is by far one of our longest serving selectors, having brought the Playaz camp to our club on the last Friday of every month for the past 15 years.