Dusk & Blackdown

Dusk & Blackdown's Keysound label is an outfit that people are probably already a little bit familiar with if they've had a passing interest in the roots (or the rise) of the dubstep movement over the past 6 or 7 years. As a journalist, Blackdown, aka Martin Clark, documented the rise of dubstep and grime quite pertinently through his recently retired Pitchfork column and that desire to chronicle and record shifts in underground music, bled visibly over the course of their first ten releases into what they were trying to do with their label.

Their debut album as a production duo, Margins Music, played out like a virtual tour of London, recalibrating field recordings and the outsider sounds (Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu) of the capital's boroughs into standout tracks like 'The Bits'; which featured an emerging vocal talent in ex-Roll Deep emcee, Trim. His distinct flow and purposeful word placement remains a distinct departure from the hyper-kinetic, repetitive spraying of a lot of his grime contemporaries and 'The Bits' was a pertinent marriage of concept - letting this incredibly individual and marginalised emcee ride a beat whose sample material comes almost entirely from the outer regions of city living.