JME (real name Jamie Adenuga) is a grime artist from Tottenham, North London, and founded label Boy Better Know in 2005. His heads down methodology has him blazing a trail into the public eye with his prolific street releases and ultimate clothing line. JME has appeared on many grime dvd's including Practice Hours where Bossman, Big H and JME did a freestyle over the beat to his hit single 'Serious'. Royal T is an upcoming artist also associated with JME.

Jme has hit the nail on the head for a second time with this Album, BLAM!15 hard hitting tracks with no gaps, no fillers. This is an audio representation of his honesty & devotion to the Grime scene. He even includes a 16th instrumental track as a bonus to his fans. It's been over a year since we were graced with his presence on the album front, that being said, he hasn't exactly been quiet.The three singles we have heard from him (Over me, Sidetracked ft Wiley & CD is Dead ft Tempa T) are all included on this album, alongside 12 other nang tunes, some that will be smashing the clubs & a few that you will definitely be hearing on the radio.This whole package is a personal gift from Jme to the Boy Better Know fans. The music, the hand drawn cover, the booklet, everything.. all created by the man himself, Jme uses the raw, grime, DIY style he has always had and delivers a spectacular album that the whole UK music scene will love & pay attention to.

Earlier this year Jme said his plans were not to make an album for the sake of it, but to produce material worthy of being a single, a hit in its own right, and keep making them until the album forms itself, and this is the result. BLAM! This album is a benchmark for Jme and Boy Better Know, it will not be forgotten for a very long time after its release.

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