Making his name as part of the acclaimed duo Vex'd, whose brutal take on Dubstep helped define the genre in its infancy, Jamie Teasdale's re-invention under his Kuedo moniker is nothing short of breathtaking. His early works as Kuedo such as the acclaimed 'Starfox' on Planet Mu were colourful and warm, playful and exuberant, perfectly encapsulating the sense of freedom found as he removed himself from the restrictive notions of genre. Not one to rest on his laurels, each subsequent release developed and evolved his sound, culminating in his debut LP 'Severant' , also released on Planet Mu. More introspective and melancholic than his earlier works, the emotive, Bladerunner-esque soundscapes represent the futuristic world he now inhabits. This futuristic take was continued on his 'Live, Work and Sleep in Collapsing Space' EP, as well as in the incredible new visuals that accompany his live show.

Both the live show and his DJ sets reflect his diverse range of influences and inspirations. Hard Atlanta rap instruments and fervent footwork sit side by side with 80's synth soundtracks, quasi-disco and all manner of elements from the post-dubstep musical universe, brought together with apparent ease. What defines Kuedo is, paradoxically, the impossibility of defining him. A Renaissance man of electronic music and beyond, here's to the future?

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