Locked Groove

The revitalisation of techno and house in recent years has radically transformed the broader spectrum of dance music; rendered anew by a fresh batch of new producers with uninhibited perspectives on the music's history and its future. Belgian producer Locked Groove is one such deacon of dance music's next generation; swiftly appropriating and innovating his way through the historical annals of techno and house with true flair and club-ready conviction.

Whether flirting with big room, one-strobe-light Berghain techno or visceral deep house - Locked Groove's rambunctious take on soulful rhythm is wholly unique and versatile. His deeply personal sonic ideology opens up a vast emotional trajectory for him to explore as a producer, and his natural, flawless command of complex rhythms makes a strong argument towards his blatant potential as a decade-defining artist. His tunes already bear the foreshowing of a veteran in the field, even at this early phase of his artistic career.