In recent years, the predominant tendency on UK dancefloors has been to defy genre, instead drawing for music with a common sense of adventure or experimentation. Loefah has been one of the key and most successful figures in that movement. Having started his career as one of early dubstep's pioneering producers and part of the Digital Mystikz collective, he became frustrated with the genre's limitations, so began playing and releasing (through his label Swamp81) tracks that stripped away all excess fat to leave only bass and itchy drum machine rhythms.

"It's almost like it was a back to basics sound - everything went back to the original traditions of electronic music," Loefah says of the Swamp81 aesthetic. "People are exploring the roots of dance music and putting a new twist on it, and through that, it's gone through different tempos and categories - house, techno and electro. It's been quite exploratory I think." He likens the openness and energy of the music he plays now to the early days of dubstep, when "it wasn't really a genre - it was more about fresh, cutting edge music."

His Rinse FM show offers an opportunity to showcase that sound. "It's pretty much just me and [MC] Chunky doing our thing for a couple of hours, just playing the newest beats from our stable," he says. "I wanted to push the new sound, but also I thought it was important to let people know what I'm doing now - rather than them expecting me to be playing old dubstep." Rinse, too, has been an ongoing presence in his musical life - he was a regular guest DJ on Youngsta and Hatcha's shows in the early part of last decade, and would frequently drop into the studio while they were mixing. "It's always been there," he says.

Friday 9th July

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