Logan Sama

Logan Sama is one of those DJs who counterpoints the culture he represents. Currently the host of the only national weekly grime radio show on Kiss FM, he's become a figurehead for the music using his platform to help re-invent and shape the young scene. Even after talking to him over email for even a short time, you get the impression that it's a role he takes incredibly seriously. The scope and breadth of his radio presence (first Rinse and now Kiss) has led onto incredibly well informed label projects, namely Adamantium Music and his current label incarnation Earth 616, where, at some point, he's worked with most of grime's leading lights. Currently helping push young talent Preditah's instrumentals to a wider audience, his position within the hierarchy of grime is already pretty well established but simply put, Sama's one of those DJs, hosts and label men whose tireless work rate has got him up there.