"I've been producing since about 2003, and I would say I've been doing it seriously, and not just messing about, since about 2004/5," says the Keysound signed Logos. "As to what got me in to it, it's hard to remember really? I suppose you see DJs playing or read about this or that producer and foolishly think "I could do that". It's a lot harder than you imagine it will be though!"

"Everything starts with jungle and drum and bass for me. Whatever else I've stumbled on along the way, within dance music anyway - Groove Chronicles and KMA, Slaughter Mob, Oris Jay, Slimzee, Horsepower, DMZ - I see through that frame. Apart from the odd night elsewhere pretty much all I raved to between 1998 and 2004/5 was d&b. I remember going to the End and Herbal a lot. But as far as writing drum and bass goes, even though at the time I was absorbing all the early grime and dubstep, it was basically all I made until about 2005; some of it got close to being released but never quite made it out and it?'s all sat on my hard drive now. After 2005 dubstep took over my life completely in terms of writing, but I carried on following d&b right through to the Autonomic/Instra:mental/Darkestral thing, which was (and is) really exciting."