Stylistically, ND never limits himself to only one sub genre. Instead, he constantly looks out for new ways of expressing himself. ?A well known ballet choreographer once said: ?Surprise is important.' I think this approach describes my style best. I'm oscillating between Disco, House, Techno, Electro, Broken Beats and Pop. I'm always open to anything between the brute and the tender. The dance floor is a field for experiments. If you manage to get the crowd, you can almost do anything with them." Even more so, if it's well presented, ND's mixing is among the best you will ever hear in a club and brings together completely different tracks in a surprisingly conclusive way. ?Anything that somehow manages to sound ?new' really gives me a kick. It's really hard to describe. Dance music should have a good portion of Funk and for me it always needs to sound like Disco, whatever the style. I like vocals a lot. In my opinion they are the most important and significant bits you're taking home after a good night out, because they're simply very memorable.