US based producer Rabit is one of the most exciting new artists at the forefront of the modern day grime resurgence,
and his unique outsider perspective when working with UK sounds has produced explosive results in 2013. After releasing the Dystopian Concept EP, Terminator on US label FEELINGS in late 2012, he unleashed Satellite on March 2013 on Keysound Recordings, This Is How We Roll compilation With Satellite receiving praise in Resident Advisor and FACT Mag, among others, he quickly became one to watch, and his stock only grew with state side support from Kingdom and Total Freedom, and UK luminaries such as DJ Oneman, L-Vis 1990, Visionist, Slackk, Logos, Dusk + Blackdown, and the Butterz show.

His ability to twist familiar grime hallmarks into his own sharp style was unleashed next on the Double Dragon EP, released on June 2013 on Glacial Sound. Garnering major attention, the Double Dragon EP was one of the biggest grime 12" releases of the year, with FACT mag stating, "Rabit makes sub-zero grime to turn clubs inside out." This October, Tokyo based label Diskotopia released Rabit's newest work, the Sun Showers EP, to international acclaim. Furthering his exploratory course through the Eskimo sound, Sun Showers is his most experimental release to date, with Rabit stretching the capabilities of the genre to the point of no return.

Grime isn't the only aspect to his sound, though. Teenage years spent obsessing over music from Tricky, Aphex Twin, and the RZA have given his music a layered, alien edge. Greatly indebted to rap music, Rabit's songs nod to that with an unapologetic and raw vitality, displaying emotional melodies and a dynamic sense of space and tension. Highly sought after, this year will see Rabit travel to New York City, London, Dublin, and Berlin to share his music, with more projects in the works.