Stewart Procter has had a ubiquitous presence at fabric for a decade now, though the man rarely gets to play a record. As SP:MC, Procter has toasted and hosted an uncountable number of sets across all three rooms of the club and he's probably one of the best at it too. Predominantly performing alongside drum & bass artists on the Metalheadz, Exit and Shogun Audio labels, you'll also hear SP steering sets from dubstep DJs like Youngsta without ever eclipsing them. He's got this perfectly recognisable 'club' voice and he always manages to frame the music properly without spoiling it. He knows how to work crowds of different sizes in different situations, he doesn't wade into pre-written bars at the wrong time, he won't shout profanities after his DJ reloads big tunes, though you might just hear him calling out Chelsea fans lurking at the back of FWD>>... He's pretty much an unsung hero.

Friday 8th November

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