To achieve real progression in UK underground music, it takes individuals with the inclination to push sonic boundaries; artists that build on precedents and mutate strands of pre-existing sounds to create something genuinely fresh and exciting. Over the past couple of years, Wen has undoubtedly been one of the producers to move things forward, with his output helping to shape the next chapter of dark, bass-gravitating, broken rhythm beats. Throttling the tempo of grime and dubstep but maintaining their murky aesthetics, Wen amalgamates rhythms from a range of percussive influence and constructs ominous, spacious compositions underpinned by the impact of his taut low-frequency engineering. His considerable promise had been apparent to many from his early productions, but it was his debut 12" 'Swingin' on fellow Kent-based label 'Badimup' and his devastating 'Commotion' EP that garnered Wen widespread attention, a release that sounded quite unlike anything else out at the time. Tastemakers Dusk & Blackdown, whose seminal Keysound imprint put out 'Commotion', worked fast to sign the veritable mountain of deadly Wen dubs they were sitting on, and his debut full length, 'Signals', was released in early 2014 along with his notoriously fierce Dizzee Rascal bootleg, 'Strings Hoe' out on white-label. Since then he has released music on the seminal Tempa imprint, including a collaborative single with DJ Parris and the opening track for Tempa Allstars Vol 7.