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Our Top 10 Most Listened to fabric and FABRICLIVE Promo Mixes

With 52 weekends in the year and 2 events each weekend we’re not even going to begin to try and count the number of artists that have come to share their sonic wares on our Martin Audio rig. We do a lot of work outside of the party hours themselves to present the music of the aforementioned guests on the blog in appreciation of what they do and in promotion of our events and we’re proud to say that over this year there’s a shedload of incredible music that we’ve hosted on our web platforms.

In part we’re sorry to add even more lists to the already saturated end of year writing but at the same time we also think it’s important that we give one last nod to the simply incredible music we’ve accrued in the year gone by. We’ve approached this simply, letting you guys indirectly vote for the top mixes of the year and taking into account of listens on Soundcloud. We’ve split these down into two camps one for the music associated with FABRICLIVE )our Friday programming) and one for Saturday so we can enjoy for one last time the music of the year gone by presenting the most listened to Promo Mixes of 2013.

Top 10 FABRICLIVE Promo mixes

1. The Upbeats – FABRICLIVE X Playaz Mix
This mix’s popularity has blown everything out of the water which isn’t surprising considering the lengths the d&b outfit made to create something extra special for this FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix. Presenting something totally exclusive and made up entirely of their own new material it was always destined to be a winner.

2. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix
The love for everything T.E.E.D is strong and this mix hit his fanbase’s spot, perfectly capturing his eccentric party vibe he brings everytime.

3. FABRICLIVE 68: Calibre - 30 Minute Radio Mix
This mix by Calibre was recorded to promote his FABRICLIVE 68 mix which really was a moment that allowed us to capture the love felt for this artist by his reams of appreciators.

4. DJ Hype FABRICLIVE X Playaz Mix
Playaz is one of our longest running residencies for FABRICLIVE and headed by the man like DJ Hype each and every month allows the Playaz devoted to bask in his huge mixing style. This year we asked him to create a monthly mix to help build anticipation and he did not disappoint.

5. Kidnap Kid - FABRICLIVE x Black Butter Mix
Black Butter are a label who deservedly enjoyed their time in the spotlight this year and took over Room One with Basement Jaxx as part of our Winter FABRICLIVE Season. Kidnap Kid stepped up to record this mix which perfectly showed off the label’s upfront party attitude.

6. Route 94 - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix
The secretive Route 94 shared this mix and despite nobody out there actually knowing his name, let the music speak for itself getting a huge amount of listens and appreciation from our readers and listeners.

7. Lenzman FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix
We were so happy earlier in this year to announce that Bukem was back rebooting his residency in Room Two this summer. We think you were happy about that too appreciation many of the audio contributions to our Bukem In Session mix series with this mix from Lenzman coming top of the list.

8. Gorgon City - FABRICLIVE x Roska Presents Mix
Gorgon City just are so good at getting the beats right to invoke a big level of jack at the party and this mix for Roska Presents at FABRICLIVE proves just that. .

9. Maribou State - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix
This mix was part of an introducing feature to relative newcomers Maribou State on our blog it really showed off just how much people were ready to receive their sound with all its soul felt grooves and accomplished style.

10. DJ Hype - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix (June 2013)
Hype making it into this most listened to list a second time is not surprising to us at all and I think that’s all we need to say on that matter.

fabric Promo Mixes

1. Pariah - fabric Promo Mix
Quite often we ask for mixes from artists and due to their many other musical commitments don’t expect to see anything from them, or in this case with Pariah had flat written it off. So you can imagine how happy we were to get a download link to this mix in the days leading up to his set in Room Two this summer. It quickly turned into a repeat listening experience on the office stereo, so it’s a happy thing that you have all felt the love in the same way making Pariah’s fabric Promo Mix your most listened to fabric promo mix of 2013.

2. Nadja Lind fabric Promo Mix
Nadja Lind is a force unto herself and each time she’s come to visit us in Farringdon we’ve been blown away by her energy and talent something we can tell now you feel equally listening this mix into second position in our run down.

3. Sonja Moonear fabric Promo Mix
Sonja Moonear graced us with her presence twice this year for her first visit in April she shared with us a recording from a party earlier in the year which let us into her intricate world of sound design and funk. We’re not surprised this hit the spot for you as much as us.

4. Nicole Moudaber - fabric Promo Mix
2013 was the first time we had the pleasure of hosting Nicole Moudaber for one of her expertly delivered techno sets in Room Two. The year saw her releasing a new LP on Drumcode so ahead of her set we got to speak to her about it while she also shared us an exclusive mix which also went down a treat.

5. Clockwork - fabric Is 14 Birthday Promo Mix
This mix has special meaning to us as it was produced to mark our birthday celebrations and also usher in a new period in the creative world of Clockwork showing off a darker harder side of the Italian’s taste in music.

6. Josh Wink - fabric Promo Mix
Josh Wink’s status as a veteran of the scene was totally justified in this mix, the raw energy and feeling in his acidic techno world was completely intoxicating and is further proof of why people continue to hold him in such a high esteem as an artist and DJ.

7. Terry Francis b2b Nathan Coles at Wiggle's 19th Birthday 2013

Terry Francis, Nathan Cole and Eddie Richard’s Wiggle party celebrated its 19th year of existence in 2013 and for our date with them this summer Terry and Nathan shared this special b2b set from their birthday celebration. We’re not surprised you guys enjoyed it to this level at all; Wiggle has a special place in all our hearts.

8. Skream - Disco Set For Judy
We feel bad for Skream in a way; he’s not had an easy time making his transition from the world of dubstep to just being able to play the beats he feels the most. He’s been kicking out the four four bangers for quite some time now and ahead of his set at the birthday allowed us to up this mix he recorded for Judy, our lead booker to further cement his prowess into the Saturday night affiliated clubbing territory.

9 Tone Of Arc - fabric Promo Mix #2
Tone Of Arc come from a slightly different world from most of our live acts, they’re band style live but their party funk works in any setting which they proved in their set in Room Two earlier in the year. This mix they recorded was the perfect showcase of their influences which it seems was appreciated by a good lot of you.

10. Ben Sims - fabric Blog Mini Mix
Ben Sims is and always be a beloved gem of the UK techno world. This year saw him contribute to our mix series cementing our long standing relationship with the three deck mixing wizard. We know you guys love him too and appreciated even what was a mini mix and insight into his unique energy.

Photograph by Sarah Ginn.

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