A Letter
In support of Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

We stand in solidarity with this cause and we know that now is the time that racism in all its forms needs to end.

All of the styles of music we have celebrated and championed within our walls have their roots in black music. Without them, there would be no fabric or electronic music scene at large. Now is an important time for us to unite and end systemic racism in all its forms.

Our current situation as a business is that our full team of staff are on furlough leave due to the Coronavirus crisis. Under government laws, they cannot conduct any work for fabric. But that hasn’t stopped us all from considering our own duty, getting involved as individuals, and reflecting on how we as a company can make the world a better and more inclusive place for all in 2020 and beyond.

Whilst we have always tried to be a diverse and inclusive company – within our team, behind the decks and on the dancefloor – we can and will do so much more. We can listen, we can learn, we can educate.

As we are closed with no clear reopening date, we’re not generating any revenue and currently face a very uncertain future. We’ve made a donation of what we can afford at this moment, and there are some additional actions we can commit to right now:

  • We will use our voice. We’re very fortunate to have an established platform and community, and we want to use it appropriately. Although our own staff are unavailable, we’re keen to support Black Lives Matter and any other relevant causes that are looking to share their message with more people – if you would like to suggest any, please get in touch with us at info@fabriclondon.com and we’ll see how we can help.

  • We will do better as a business. When we begin to operate again, we will aim to improve the diversity of our staff and freelance blog contributors and ensure that we are a more equal opportunity employer – that in all levels of the company jobs are considered for people of colour, and that their voices are heard.

  • We will look at representation across our line-ups and record labels. Whilst we’ve always endeavoured to provide a platform for artists of all backgrounds, we can commit to making sure that we improve.

  • We will use our space to educate the next generation. We’ll help promote racial equality by increasing our focus on youth projects in the local community.

We want to conclude by encouraging our community to join us in the fight to eliminate systemic racism. That could mean celebrating black artists, backing Black Lives Matter, supporting black businesses, reading up on the history of racism, making your voice heard on social media, reaching out to vulnerable friends in need, calling out prejudice, listening to black friends and colleagues, campaigning for black history to be included in school curriculums – being part of changing the narrative.

The world may feel like a troubled and divided place right now, but from the displays of hope and unity we’ve seen over the last week, we believe that recent events will be a catalyst for positive change. Now is the time to look inwards, listen and learn. We are making a pledge to continuously support black lives and we will make sure that we play our part in dismantling and overcoming racism once and for all.

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM

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