A Letter
From Our Resident Craig Richards

There has been a lot of confusion concerning my Residency at fabric these last months. During the last eighteen years I steered the direction of room one by playing across genre, I played when I wanted and invited who I wanted to play alongside me. It was a dream situation and allowed me to establish myself as a DJ and to approach explore the craft of playing records in a way that I could never have done through globetrotting. My decision to play less at the club revolves around my life outside of fabric. In order to make time to pursue some of my dreams I decided to play at the club less. My residency is strong and true like before but reduced in appearance in order that I can achieve in other areas beyond the brick walls of the wonderful cold storage unit that become a musical institution known as fabric...

I’m fifty one now and whilst young at heart after a long weekend my body aches. I’m dedicating more time to painting, running a big festival and playing regularly in a little London pub. I feel no less enthusiastic than I did when I first moved to London in 1987. The heady combination of acid house in its infancy and art school continues to drive me forward. I still love foraging for records and am still intoxicated by the culture of night life.

The real reason for breaking silence is to say a little something about the new night created at the club where I invite artists who I admire and respect to play alongside me for the whole night. The first instalment was with underground hero Mr Nicolas Lutz. An outrageous talent and a great friend. We were joined by the mighty DMX Krew.

For the second night I was joined by a man who needs no introduction Ricardo Villalobos. Regarding this rather special night I wanted to say thank you to everyone who followed us all the way for almost 10 hours as we played one record each. A very special night indeed. When the crowd is on your side, the sound is optimum and the mood in the air is one of appreciation for the music itself rather than the DJs this is a perfect storm. The night felt like a coherent and slightly disjointed story told well by two DJs with an almost parallel record collection.

This night alone was confirmation that my residency continues in evolution, but more importantly that fabric is still the place of magic it always was.

This coming Saturday, for the third in the series, I have invited another Margaret Dygas to play all night. She is also a great friend and an extremely well respected and gifted DJ. Together we will construct a groove by playing in time sections throughout the night and not back to back. Ion Ludwig will play live during our journey.

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