"I Actually Dream About Record Shops"
Appleblim Talks Crate Diggin' & His $2 Bin Mixtape

Throughout his involvement in the heavily revered Skull Disco imprint and the birth of his own Apple Pips label, Laurie ‘Appleblim’ Osborne always seemed to represent his own thing to the fullest. It’s what’s always made him stand out as a character, as a producer and as a DJ – the fact that he simply does things that please him. So when he offered to make us a mixtape ahead of his appearance at the Roska Presents hosted Room One this Friday night, it’s safe to say we were pretty expectant. But what he did was use it as an opportunity to blend together a selection of records he purchased on a recent trip Stateside where he visited The Thing record store in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

We caught up with him to discuss the trip, his passion for crate digging in general and his forthcoming projects…

Download: Appleblim - NY Crate Digging Mix

So… can you tell us a little bit about the idea for the mix…?
Yeah… so I thought I'd save the dubs for Room One on Friday and do something a little different for this mix. I recently played in New York and had the chance to go to a wicked kinda junk thrift store called The Thing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I'd seen Willie Burns saying he was helping out there and The Bunker promoters (shouts to Bryan & Seze!) were like, ‘you will love it there’. Upstairs is all house-clearance weirdness, nick-nacks, ornaments, books, all kinds of stuff, and at the back of the store and throughout their large cramped cluttered basement are just shelf after shelf and crate after crate of records! All $2 each, piled up high. This is a mix of all the things I dug there.

It's the result of a good 6 or 7 hours digging over 3 days. I found loads of stuff; this is just a little portion. It was so dusty and mouldy, dirty and funky, I now realise why I see pictures of true crate-diggers with dust-masks on, as I have been suffering from a very nasty cough ever since I got back from the trip!

Are you still buying a bunch of records at the minute? Do you still look for shops wherever you travel like…?
Yeah, anyone that knows me knows one of my favourite things is digging for records - it keeps me sane. I've only ever really worked in record shops, and records are the only thing I really know much about. I used to trade a lot on eBay. I need quite a lot of solo time to keep my head straight, so I find wandering round both familiar or new places checking for new shops, or new nuggets is a perfect way of indulging in my passion and having some good thinking time too. It's so fun going to the shops and checking the vibe and the people and seeing what other people are buzzing off.

What were you looking for when you picked the records? Like, going through a dollar bin, are you just looking at album titles/artwork or was there something else you were digging for in particular?
It's just a vibe I guess, I mean half the records on the mix I knew the tracks or the artists and half I didn't, you know, you take a punt, and sometimes they pay off. Sometimes they don't!

I look for producers and labels I love, or sometimes it's just the look of it, but you get it wrong too. I mean that’s half the maddening fun of it, you remember leaving certain stuff behind, then kicking yourself and then sometimes obviously you come up trumps, like the Ultravox 12" the other week for 50p in Bristol - absolute tune! I mean you can't really go wrong with an early 80s UK electronic pop band recording at Conny Plank's studio in Dusseldorf with a B-side called 'Alles Klar' can you?! It HAD to be good!

I'm so obsessed that I actually dream about record shops in made up places in my head that I revisit (always in slightly weird remixes of each other!) and it's always the untouched box of '92 hardcore or the non-existent Autechre 12"s that I'm flicking through before I either lose my wallet, or someone else buys them, and I wake up! Oh dear...!

What’s happening with your own music and Apple Pips at the minute? There was a bit of a flurry of records last year from a lot of Bristol heads… is there more on the horizon?
I have the 'Motion Blur' EP with Komon coming out on Aus in the last week of July - I'm really happy with the tracks on there. There’s a track called 'The Visionary State' on Will Saul’s wicked DJ KiCKS mix (which is streaming now on Pitchfork), which is all exclusive music and theres a remix of Will Saul & Komon's '2 for 1' which will be out on !K7 at the end of summer.

There’s lots of great music being made around me amongst my mates in Bristol too, so it’s gonna be fun seeing those projects come to a head too. Exciting times!

Title Photo: Shaun Bloodworth

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