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A Backward Glance At Drum & Bass At FABRICLIVE

First up, let me level with you a little: we don’t actually know if any of these photographs were actually taken at Playaz events or not. Honestly, they've been in one of those unfathomably deep plastic crate style storage boxes in an unchecked cupboard for a very long time BUT these photos really do capture a small part of the legacy of jungle and drum & bass music. Naturally we’re all really happy to have been able to be part of it. Playaz and drum & bass in general has long been a massive part of our city's culture. In fact, it's vital to London.

We’re posting a selection of these photographs here to celebrate the 15 Years of Playaz at FABRICLIVE event this Friday.

Long may it continue.

Much love and respect to DJ Hype, Pascal and the crew.


Friday 27th November

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