Alexander Nut - FABRICLIVE x Autonomic Mix

This Friday night means a lot to us. Every room represents a sound we’ve slowly gotten more and more besotted with. From the outstanding releases and surrounding performances from Hessle Audio in Room One, to the Critical Sound freight train that’s torn a hole and rammed it full of perspiring bodies up in Room Three a bunch of times before, there’s a whole heap of impressive talent scheduled across performances from scene stealers like Joy Orbison, Mala, Cyantific and Spectrasoul.

Club Autonomic, the vibe hosted by dBridge and the two members of Instra:mental (aka Jon Convex and Boddika or Kid Drama and Al Bleek depending on how you look at it), isn’t letting the side down either inviting recent Hyperdub signing and the Spacek project’s primary beatmaker, Morgan Zarate down to spin alongside the host of Rinse FM’s essential Saturday session, Alexander Nut.

No stranger to these pages - or to our club itself - Nut has been forging ahead of late. His co-run label with Floating Points, Eglo, has gone from strength to strength. Putting out music by the crew’s core artists - the seductive soul of Fatima’s songs and Funkieneven’s taught electronic drum machine work outs – alongside projects from people like Arp101 and Mizz Beats the label’s achieved critical acclaim with features and spotlights the globe over. Also dallying with his solo run label Ho-Tep, Nut continues his enthusiastic approach to music, uncovering great new producers like Mau’lin, Throwing Snow and Letherette.

This is the second time Nut, has done us the solid of providing a mix for us - a favour we’d like to make clear that we don’t take lightly - so it’s our pleasure to announce that on April 15th his Eglo label will be joining us up in Room Three for a label takeover. Featuring BBC Radio 1’s pioneering DJ Benji B, Mizz Beats, Funkineven, Josey Rebelle and Fatima alongside Nut it’s a room we’ve been looking forward to since the whispers started a month or so back.

Anyway – back to Friday. The mix Nut’s put together melds perfectly with the stripped back analogue nature of the Autonomic sound and features exclusive bits from Kode9 & Spaceape, Salva remixing Om Unit, Marcus Intalex and Africa Hi Tech – though you know that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the upfront material he has crate up ready for Friday. Join us in appreciation...

Download: Alexander Nut – FABRICLIVE x Autonomic Mix (tracklist after the jump)

Kode 9 & Spaceape 'Other Man'
Om Unit 'Prawn Cocktail' (Salva Remix)
Mizz Beats 'Sanctuary'
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX 'NY Is Killing Me'
Africa HiTech 'Seek Em Step'
Mala 'Education'
Mala 'City Cycle'
Marcus Intalex 'TB Or Not TB'
Objekt 'The Goose That Got Away'
Becoming Real 'Closer'
Kubus 'Zonder Bahn'
Mizz Beats 'Pimpin'
Lone 'Voodoo Coreshine'
Model 500 'Night Drive'
Larry Heard 'The Sun Can't Compare'
Funkineven 'Heartpound'

Friday 18th March

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