Asusu - FABRICLIVE x Hessle Audio Mix

An integral member of the Bristolian trio, Livity Sound - alongside Peverelist and Kowton - Asusu (aka Craig Stennett) is admittedly the less well-known name in the outfit. But after making his debut on the Project Squared label back in 2009, he’s steadily amassed a run of 12” singles that place him quite pointedly within the circle of artists pushing the techno axis into new and interesting directions - especially considering the Livity label’s impact with their run of four singles and their compendium like compilation last year (a result of which they were voted the label of 2013 by RA).

Seeming very much like an equal project, Livity Sound’s appeal comes from them presenting such a determinedly unified front, simply creating their own brand of raw, uncompromising music to dance to. As part of their mantra’s legacy, Asusu’s tracks have been remixed by artists like A Made Up Sound, Nick Hoppner and MMM and the trio’s combined live set has toured venues across the world. Ahead of his appearing in Room One for the June leg of the Hessle Audio residency alongside the Hessle trio and Matthew Herbert, Asusu’s put together this rather exclusive 55 minute mixtape which, with tracks from Jeff Mills, Beneath, Szare, Pris and Batu, really helps to further illustrate his position perfectly.

Download: Asusu - FABRICLIVE x Hessle Audio Mix


Jeff Mills - Striping Effect (Axis)
Szare - Volya / Action Five (Idle Hands)
Zenker Brothers - Vamp Like (Tresor)
Sleeparchive - Ronan Point 1 (Tresor)
Batu - Castrol (Unreleased)
Beneath - Worried (No Symbols)
Black Mags - Badda (Unreleased)
19.454. - When I Think Of... (Horizontal Ground)
Pris - Scuff (Resin)
Alex Coulton - Bounce (Pev Remix) (ytiviL dnuoS)
Deuce - Cue Ed (Ostgut Ton)
Pris - If She Cracks, She Bears (Forthcoming Resin)
Kobosil - Path (MDR)
Szare - Swarm (Frozen Border)
Kowton - Jam01 (Beneath Remix) (Livity Sound)
PH.2 - Constellation (Unreleased)
Bruce - Sensitive (Unreleased)


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