B.Traits Serves The World A Storming Mix

Nowadays, in these cybernetic patchwork times we’re living in, the focus of the people we distinguish to be a true tastemakers can often vary. Some more established figures appear like these mighty, over-protective, unreachable vanguards of some far off music metropolis whilst others are simply proactive, underground obsessed individuals whose passion for music literally pours out of them and everything they do. And so no longer do we only regard those highly visible elite DJs as forerunners and trendsetters. More and more we’re looking to the blossoming pockets of flourishing artists, labels, cliques and crews for a bit of musical guidance. The best tastemakers should ideally be able to - and want to - straddle that gulf; embracing the freshest, weirdest most bedroom based of producers as much as those artists with major label backing and an actual advertising budget. Mary Anne Hobbs did it (and still does it on her BBC 6Music show) gloriously well, seemingly informed as much by the happenings on independent community broadcasters like Rinse, NTS, Boiler Room and KMAH as she is by her staff of producers and APs.

Another artist whose status is burgeoning thanks to her love and respect of the underground, is B.Traits – the purple haired Canadian DJ who’s been broadcasting on BBC Radio 1 for a good few years now. Bearing a profound aptitude for unearthing cutting edge, quality music her radio show’s been beaming emphatic selections out into the ether week in week out, but it's her well documented rampant eclecticism and club driven aesthetic that’s put her on the path to notoriety.

Set to return to Farringdon a week on Friday (18th September), when she joins Jimmy Edgar and Krysko in Room Two at FABRICLIVE, B kindly offered to help us ramp up the anticipation by recording and delivering a brand new and exclusive mix ahead of the event. "It’s been a minute since I’ve been in the DJ booth at fabric," she offers by way of an introduction; "so with this promo mix, I really wanted to go in a bit deeper and a bit darker. This mix is quite representative of the more driving sound that you might hear on my late-Friday night BBC Radio 1 show."

Download: B.Traits - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

B.Traits - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

B.Traits - Panacea
Vrsion - Vibration (Trevino Remix)
Psyk - L3
Alan Fitzpatrick - Falling Down
Endian - Dusty
Trevino - After The Rain
Deadbeat - Berghain Drum Track
Tite - Break Dance
Pan Pot - Punxsutawney (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
Boddika & Joy Orbison - Severed Seven
Tallmen 785 - Stead Fast Drum Work
Overlook, Loxy & Resound - The Lodge (B.Traits Edit)
Clarity - Fractured
FJAAK - Gwewerbe
Bruce - Tilikum (Hodge Remix)
Gat Decor - Passion
DJ Metatron - Rave Child

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