Boo Williams - Giving You Service Mix

Boo Williams has been in the DJ game for getting on three decades now, so it stands to reason that he's in the kind of musically wealthy place that many of us can only hope to ever aspire too. Since the early 80's he’s been involved in the well documented club happenings of his home city, Chicago - a place that fellow Chicagoan and noted originator Lil Louis is using as his muse for his hotly anticipated documentary The House That Chicago Built, a film that sets out to trace the lines through history between the Windy City and the vibrant and rich musical world of four four. Williams has been invited to come and share his own sonic story when Louis himself comes to Room One in the first weekend in April for a curated stretch of music that will chime with what Louis has been doing in this exciting new film project.

The mix that we're now sharing with you today comes direct from Williams's hard drive and it’s entitled, 'Giving You Service'. And it does exactly that, a listening experience that only someone of his historical standing would be able to impart from a lifetime of playing music. Full of heart, soul and groove it presents next Saturday's Room One agenda perfectly.


Saturday 5th April

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