Bowski - FABRICLIVE x Blood Music Mix

It’s a testament to Bowski’s music that he’s caught the ear of the people and industry figures that he has. He’s built himself a reputation simply off the back of his music. Just ask Fake Blood, he was so impressed upon hearing George Butler’s ‘Hooves’, his debut release no less, that he put it on his disc of the inaugural Wax:On compilation before promptly signing Butler up himself to be the second ever artist to release on the Blood Music label. The ‘Poppies EP’ came out last month and introduced Bowski’s measured production to a wider audience, exploring different variations of the techno template across the three tracks as it did it.

Bowski’s music is learned but playful. ‘Balloon Brain’ bubbles like that new strain of Nottingham techno from people like Hizatron and Spam Chop, but it’s not as manic; it feels relaxed, like it’s completely content to do its own thing. It feels like that’s a trait also evident in Bowski’s outlook too as throughout his growth spurt, where he’s remixed people like Cassius, Booka Shade and Caribou, he’s remained stoic in his music, producing tracks unified by his level of technique.

And that’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why Fake Blood has chosen to put him on, by both releasing his records and by bringing him in as an integral part of the first Blood Music takeover - happening in Room One on Friday 3rd February where Bowski will perform alongside Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit, Ado and Ego Troopers. Ahead of the event he’s made a mix to promote the kind of vibes you can expect from his set, and it’s a great indication of his talent of what Blood Music will bring come 3rd February.

Download: Bowski – FABRICLIVE x Blood Music Mix

Catch Bowski in Room One on 3rd February.

Friday 3rd February

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