Brunbjörn and TEMMA-Teje's WYS! Promo Mix

Following a momentous Bank Holiday Special from our Sunday night associates, WetYourSelf! last weekend, their next Room One instalment this forthcoming Sunday kicks off their 12:12 Series. Aiming to showcase 12 London based labels furthering the house and techno form WYS! play host to Holic Trax and their formidable residents Brunbjörn and TEMMA-Teje. Boasting an irresistible style that combines afro beat and jazz with Detroit rooted drums, the fledgling selectors and music makers will bring a special kind of vibe to our first floor.

So in anticipation for their upcoming set, the WYS! team kindly asked the boys if they wouldn't mind giving us a taster of exactly what's in store…

Download: Brunbjörn & TEMMA-Teje - WYS! Promo Mix


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