Calyx & TeeBee - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Having taken their notoriety from countless solo productions Calyx and TeeBee – South Londoner Larry Cons and Norwegian Torgeir Byrknes respectively - blew apart the drum & bass sales charts with their debut collaborative album for the Momentum Music label, ‘Anatomy’ back in 2007. Now hard at work on a follow up, along with running of TeeBee’s massively respected Subtitles imprint, the two producers have traversed the globe together numerous times since their debut album’s release; touring both as a b2b performance and also with their rather special 6 deck set.

Developing their ideas, understanding and the realms of possibility with each performance the sets have brought them closer to that level of performance they’re both known for in the studio to the live setting, keeping the sets unpredictable and spontaneous. Performing next Friday at the Playaz Carnival Special – the annual celebration and full club takeover from Hype’s legendary d&b imprint – on a Room 3 bill that boasts Jubei, Cause 4 Concern, Blokhe4d and Prolix as their counterparts, Calyx and TeeBee took the time to put together a quick half hour mix in anticipation.

Featuring brand new dubs and unreleased material for a positive smattering of incredible producers like Stray – who tore up Critical Sound here last week – Octane & DLR, Cymantic, Fracture & System and Ulterior Motive - who are gracing Room Two tonight – it feels like right now, at about 5pm on a dreary London Friday afternoon, is the perfect time to stick this on and work up to your Friday night.

Download: Calyx & TeeBee - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


01. Stray-Saturday (Invisible Dub)
02. Ulterior Motive – Untitled (Never to be released)
03. Noisia & Alix Perez-Underprint (Invisible Dub)
04. Audio-Genesis Device(Virus Dub)(Double Dropped)
05. Octane & DLR - The Fly (Dub)
06. Fracture & System -Yeah but.. (Subtitles Dub)
07. Apex - Untitled (Subtitles Dub) (Tease)
08. Fracture and system –Untitled (Dub)
09. Audio -Fourth Kind (Virus Dub)
10. C4C-Pandemic (Octane & DLR remix) (C4C Dub)
11. Apex - Inner Vision(Subtitles Dub)
12. Unknown – Unkown (Dub) (Tease)
13. Ulterior Motive – Featherweight (Subtitles UK)
14. Ulterior Motive -2098 (Subtitles UK)
15. Optiv & EBK - Let it hit 'em (Subtitles Dub)
16. Octane & DLR - Red Mist (Dispatches Dub)
17. Alix Reece - Pulp Fiction (Lynx remix)
18. Survival, Octane & DLR - Transition (Audio Tactics dub)
19. Fracture & Neptune – Untitled (Astrophonica Dub)
20. Cymatic - Hypnotic State (Dub)

Friday 27th August

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