Dexter Kane (Lower East) WYS! Promo Mix

London’s Lower East co-owner, Ed Kane has dipped his melodic hands into all types of music, from the harder edge of his techno alias, Kanio to the deeper and experimental productions of his new moniker, Dexter Kane. His musical talents are an extension of his artistry, with releases on the likes of Fear of Flying, Akbal Music, WYS! and as a man who doesn’t want to be kept to one side of the box, Dexter Kane always keeps one ear close to the ground for new sounds.

At this Sundays WYS! Dexter Kane will be showcasing his jaw-dropping house and techno catalogue alongside, SAOirse and to give you a taster of what to expect, he’s delivered us a very special promo mix. Get your hands on the goods after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Dexter Kane WYS! Promo Mix


Sunday 13th November

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