DJ Bone - FABRICLIVE x Hessle Audio Mix

It’s pretty hard to talk about Detroit’s DJ Bone without using the word ‘underground’; hell, the 127 word biography on his website itself uses it five times! But - and this is kind of important thing to note - it uses it because it’s wholly relevant to what he does. The owner of the Subject Detroit and Encounter labels, Bone rose through the ranks of the Motor City via his weekly sets at the Love Club (The Shelter) where his techno selections earned him the kind of dedicated following DJs only dream about - at one point he provided regular fortnightly mixes on Deep Space Radio and had residencies at different clubs across the city playing five nights a week. Showing an unwavering commitment to his cause he’s also firmly established as a producer, releasing an album, Out Of Knowhere and a whole bunch of raw 12”s and EPs that routinely get called things like ‘special’ and ‘other worldly.’

Basically, he’s a guy who is super committed to music: making it, releasing it and playing it for people and that passion, as well as his love for Detroit techno, shines through in everything he does. So we’re delighted to announce that after catching the collective eye of the Hessle Audio trio every time he’s performed at Freerotation festival, Bone’s making the journey to perform alongside them in Room One on 19th September. He also kindly made us a mixtape ahead of the occasion so that we could better outline his style of mixing, an approach which should make perfect sense to anyone who’s grown up with UK music: fast mixing, quick cuts and loads of turntable/mixer tricks…

“There aren't many people who fit as comfortably into DJ sets by all three of us at Hessle...” – Ben UFO

Download: DJ Bone – FABRICLIVE x Hessle Audio Mix

No tracklist needed.


Friday 19th September

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