DJ Marky - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (June 2015)

Earlier this month, the drum & bass legend that is DJ Marky announced details of his debut solo album, My Heroes. Comprised of 17 tracks, the album, which is set to be released on his Innerground label on 15th June, will feature an array of his notorious d&b funk, Brazilian flair and his trademark interlaced groovy percussion.

It's a bit of an understatement to say that a full length transmission from Marky has been a long time coming - especially when you consider the fact that he’s been transcending the world’s dancefloors for over 25 years now. So it seemed only right that the selector and those affiliated with him would mark this wondrous occasion with an eagerly awaited launch party right here in Room One on Friday 12th June. In the run up to release he's not only been kind enough to give his faithful fans an insight into the making of the album by releasing an exclusive documentary, drip feeding teaser episodes each week (which you can watch below) but he's also given us the opportunity to enjoy another brand new and exclusive mix that he's put together "with love" to help stoke the coals of anticipation...

Download: DJ Marky - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (June 2015)


1. DJ Marky - 1992
2. Total Science, Quadrant & Iris - Pushin' Your Luck
3. Alibi - Knockout
4. Chromatic - Lung VIP
5. Origin Unknown - Truly One Remix 1
6. L Side - Dust Version
7. Turno - Roald Dahl
8. Serum - One More Thing
9. DJ Marky - Be With You ft. Collette Warren
10. Culture Shock - City Lights
11. Random Movement - I Stayed Around
12. Calibre - All Day
13. Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Magic Moment
14. DJ Marky - Silly
15. Blade -Chifres Para Ela
16. Paul SG - My Heart
17. DJ Marky & L Side - Fiesta ft. Ella Sopp
18. Dez - Pot Party X
19. Mark System - Optix
20. LSB - Mist Of You


Friday 12th June

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