DJ Storm's FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Mix

Today, the online music portal of Mixmag magazine published an article commemorating some of the women who have shaped and contributed to the progression of electronic music. Taking into account the state of the underground and contemporary clubbing landscape we know today, amongst the various vanguards like Donna Summer and Heater Heart were Metalheadz co-founder and the second to none selector, DJ Storm. Renowned for her a pivotal part in the formation of a subculture fuelled by warehouse raves and momentous soundsystems and her close connoisseurs and fellow Metalheadz operators, Goldie and the late DJ Kemistry, the superbly progressive strain of drum & bass and the unadulterated territories that came with that time were critical in the ever evolving electronic movement. Even now, her role in the scene today is as imperative as ever, representing a label and a sound that’s still flourishing some 25 years later.

A week on Friday Storm will once again link with her Metalheadz crew as the label takes hold of our Room Two to toast the launch of label signee Mikal's debut album. To give us a snippet of what's in store the DJ aptly dubbed ‘the first lady of drum & bass’ has graciously taken the time to pull together another of her excercises in first class selections in this brand new and exclusive promo mix.

Download: DJ Storm - FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Mix


Friday 11th September

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