Ed Rush - FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Mix

A “bit of a coup” is how Critical boss Kasra calmly prefixed a wetransfer link from drum & bass pioneer Ed Rush earlier this afternoon. It’s a decidedly under-weighted statement considering how much Rush (alongside his regular production partner, Optical) has helped steer the genre of drum & bass through its twists and turns over the years, but it’s incredibly on point considering the lack of studio mixes out there on the internet that bear the Ed Rush stamp (save his three month old ‘Summer 2012 Mix’ on his soundcloud, obviously). What Kas was right about though, is just how worth the wait the mix would be…

Having basically coined the techstep sound, Rush has released on labels across the scene, from No U Turn and V to Prototype, Metalheadz and Virus, and he still manages to remain an in demand DJ whose as intent on working over a dancefloor as he was back when his and Optical’s game changing Wormhole album was released in 1998. He’s a hero of a lot of drum & bass producers and it's probably because he’s got the proven heritage but continues to push the proverbial envelope as much as possible.

Anyway, he’s appearing in Room Two this Friday night for the launch party of Enei’s Machines LP and he just laced us with a 30 minute mix that really lays out just why people hold him in the regard they do. Techy, crunchy, delightfully flowing, we’re stoked to be able to present Ed Rush’s FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Mix.

Download: Ed Rush - FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Mix

No tracklist given.

Catch Ed Rush in Room Two this Friday night.

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