Eddie Abbott's WetYourSelf! Promo Mix

On their line up for this Sunday night's upcoming party, WetYourSelf! have once again demonstrated their knack of uncovering the best of London's local talent's by inviting Eddie Abbott to spin alongside them in Room One. Collecting records for over a decade (which included a stint in BMSoho) there's no doubt that Abbott has the knowledge when it comes to the wealth of little known cuts at his disposal. To demonstrate this in full he's recorded the WYS! team an exclusive mix unleashing the great expanse of classic and upfront cuts that he will bringing along with him to the rave this weekend...

1 Solstice- Lief
2 Pattern 60- Vadim Svoboda
3 Restless Nights- Schatrax
4 Invoke a response- Laak
5 Track 1- Italojohnson 8
6 Jam- Antony Difrancesco
7 Icaros- Birdsmakingmachine
8 Lifted Life- Gemini
9 kasjoe- Daniele Temperilli
10 Rember to come back- SlowLife
11 Marea Captura- Alsi
12 Swing Left- Stephen Brown

Sunday 28th September

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