Eddie Richards - fabric x Demo Mix

Having upped this one to our Soundcloud late on Friday afternoon, it dropped just in time for the eagle eyed follower’s weekend enjoyment but it was just shy of the time required to present it proper, right here on this blog. So when we arrived to the office this Monday morning it was pretty neat to see the sentiments of respect and appreciation its weekend listeners have offered the mix’s creator, Eddie Richards, which we think does a neat service to the position he holds as an artist today. 'Evil' Eddie Richards is a proper Godfather figure to London's house scene and he remains a key player as resident at Nathan Coles and Terry Francis's celebrated Wiggle party. Owner of the recently reactivated imprint, Storm, Eddie also partners with Terry Francis for their regular Room Three takeover, Demo; a night of four four blended music created to showcase who they both see as the next wave of talent on the rise.

The next Demo event is set to take place this coming Saturday night with Moon Harbour protégé, Sable Sheep (check out his introducing interview and fabric x Demo mix here if you haven't already) set to join them on the floor. So, seeing as we're also huge appreciators of what Richards does we thought it well timed to ask him to produce his own fabric x Demo Mix to hear what he’s filling his sets with at this point in time as well as some of the latest productions his has in store for release on Storm...

Download: Eddie Richards - fabric x Demo Mix


1.Eddie Richards – Dream2 (Radio Slave Remix)
2.Point G & The Martinez Brothers feat. Filsonik – What’s The Point
3.Burnski – The Hours
4.Maximiljan – All The Way
5.Hercules, Love Affair, Krystle Warren – My Offence (Brawther’s Mean Dub)
6.Eddie Richards – iMove (Original Mix) Remastered & Re-edited
7.Trevino  -  Mezmerise
8.Frag Maddin  -  Red Eye (Original Mix)
9.Eddie Richards  -  Oyea (Sable Sheep Remix)
10.Mihai Popoviciu – Trading Signals
11.Maya Jane Coles – I Would Fly (Original Mix)
12. Jose De Divina, Tania, Vulcano, AudioHell – Barlume (Original Mix)
13.Butch – Delusion (Original Mix)


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