Exclusively Download An Unreleased Track From Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown has witnessed electronic music's emergence in the UK first-hand, initially being drawn into the electro sounds of the early '80s and getting fully involved in the break dancing scene, then having his head turned as records from Detroit and Chicago came to prominence in sets heard back in '88 at his home city of Edinburgh's Hoochie Coochie Club. It's from here that he has gleaned his biggest influence though. During the subsequent years of his own studio exploration he's folded that catching vibe into his own sound perfectly, working poly-rhythmic drum programming in amidst pad swathes and stabbing synths to carve out his own niche in the four four territory.

A live artist to the core, Brown has a real wealth of work that he draws on for driving the dancefloor - a process which he says simply serves as a testing ground for new ideas. It's the place his tracks are first realised and ahead of his next date with us in Room Two he tapped us up to offer up a cut that has been getting a lot of heat over the last few months. Entitled '2K' Brown has opted to gift it to his fans first ahead of the usual privileged circles of DJs ahead of his upcoming date with us in Room Two on 22nd August alongside Terry Francis and Clockwork.

"This track is made up of bits and pieces of unfinished/unreleased music I'm working on so its perfect for the live set. Both DJs and clubbers keep asking me what it is and when it will be released. The DJs are a bit more keen to have it, demanding a download link instantly, so my decision this time was to give it to the party goers first."

Download: Stephen Brown - 2k (Exclusive Download)


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