Exclusively Stream Len Faki's Take On Two Slam Tracks

At the tail end of 2014, Glasgow's premier techno partnership, Slam released the 5th studio album, Reverse Proceed. A work that found the duo stripping back their productions it proved to be an LP that covered multiple facets of their output with meditative passages featuring just as prominently as stripped back machine driven four four thwomp.

Taking the originals to a new place, 2015 has seen the pair set about commissioning a series of remixes of choice tracks from the album with artists like Luke Slater, Gary Beck and Clouds being called upon to put their own stamp on the LP material alongside some reinterpretations from Slam. The latest package, slated for release in a weeks’ time, calls upon another leader in the techno fold, Len Faki who as well as remixing ‘Detroit Ghosts’ has put his own twist on the remix brief with a second remix on the record. Entitled 'Ghosts of Cirklon' Faki conjures a well of deep and trippy experiences combining elements from two tracks from Reverse Proceed, ‘Ghosts of Detroit’ and ’Cirklon Bells.’

With the original producers, Slam, due to return to their London HQ of Room Two this coming Saturday night we teamed up with the guys label Soma Records to premiere the full stream of the aforementioned Len Faki remix which you can enjoy in its full tripped out state here today.


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