Exclusively Stream Rockwell's 'Music 2000'

An artist we’ve profiled on these pages since he first swaggered out of the Critical Music annals with tracks like ‘Underpass’, Rockwell will be joining us once again on the 11th December when UKF take over our corner of EC1 for their Xmas Party. To prefix that event, the London based drum & bass producer has granted us the opportunity to exclusively launch a taste of his new Obsolete Medium album, by buddying up with us to stream ‘Music 2000’, the LP’s closing track.

A bit of an adrenaline fuelled darkside romp, ‘Music 2000’ further explores Rockwell’s meticulous production skills and, probably more importantly, acts as an easily accessible gateway drug to the Obsolete Medium album, which will be released on Shogun Audio this Friday…


Friday 11th December

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