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The winter chill has massively taken a bite out of us all this week. Huddling around our computers for warmth, our thoughts keep turning to Saturday when we’ll be back in our favourite state of sweaty euphoria. Heating us to a perfect level will be the musical prowess of Craig Richards' The Nothing Special in Room Two. Regularly going beyond the extraordinary this episode hosts with two live shows packed with drive and superb sound quality; one from Phil Kieren and the other comes from Sub Static/Karloff Recordings label head, Falko Brocksieper.

With releases on Dumb-Unit, Tuning Spork, Contexterrior, and more, plus a hefty 100 releases between Sub Static and Karloff Recordings, Falko is renowned for rocking his Berlin territory with deep rhythms, residing somewhere in the land between minimal techno and tech house. We’ve been locked into Falko's mix all morning; a set of brooding intensity and tripping techno.

This Saturday our doors will be swung open from the extended hours of 11pm-10am with The Nothing Special in Room Two, the collosal RPR Sound in Room One and Berlins Ostgut Ton in Room Three.

Saturday 10th December

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