Felix Dickinson's Funk Fuelled #fabricis16 Mix

We're in the final furlong of our #fabricis16 preparations. The fancy dress has been delivered. The full line up is out and about and we're already bracing ourselves for the unique kind of hangover that our weekend of celebrations historically brings. To guide us into the party spirit the Bristol based selector and Cynic Music boss Felix Dickinson, who'll be joining us during the 30 hour stint, has laid out a set of some of cuts that he feels are going to set the night alight when we open our doors come Saturday night. With a history and, if we're honest, a bit of a legacy closely tied to spinning for enthusiastic and heady crowds, here in our intimate basement setting he'll be showing us just how many gems he's got in his crate while injecting a dose of funk into the party this weekend.

Download: Felix Dickinson - #fabricis16 Mix

Can you tell us about your favourite birthday memory?

Felix Dickinson: I don't get birthday's very often as I'm a leap year baby, so when I have them they're all pretty special. My last birthday when I hit double digits was pretty fun, I shared it with my wife (whose birthday is 4 days after mine), and we had a party with the Idjut Boys which started in a warehouse in Hackney and continued over the next few days spread around London.

You’ve been heavily involved in attending, playing and organising parties in London for pretty much your whole career and even before it – what is it about partying in the city that you love the most?

I guess like any capital city it's just the sheer size that makes London special. The fact that it can comfortably support such diversity, no matter what you're into you can find it in London, which means there's enough people to support lots of good underground music scenes. The proof of this is evident nowhere more than fabric and it's great that a club this size can exist without having to compromise on their musical direction. I lived in Brixton for 15 years and loved putting on warehouse parties down there. I live in Bristol now, but I have so many great friends from my time in London, that it's always good to go back and drag a few of them out.

Where’s your favourite place to party in the world?

That's a tough one. Playing in my home town is always special as it's great to know the people on the dancefloor and get added confidence knowing the crowd and what they'll respond too. But saying that, I always love playing in Japan as the open mindedness and responsiveness of the crowd and the obsessive attention to detail when it comes to sound and lights has always been next level. However these days I'm getting to play on some pretty serious systems all round the world, Barbarella's this year at the Garden Festival was pretty up there. I've got a feeling popping my fabric cherry on the birthday is going to tick a lot of these previous boxes.

Can you tell us a bit of the mix you’ve recorded for us like how did you go about the track selection for it, is it a good representation of what you’re going to be spinning at the club?

The mix is a selection of some of my favourite tracks at the moment. I'm sure you'll get to hear a few of these on the birthday, but having a nice 3 hour set this Saturday means I'd imagine I'll be able to go a few other interesting places during my set.

Who else are you looking forward to checking out during the 30 hour music session?

I'm looking forward to checking Paranoid London live - I've heard them a couple times this summer already and it's a great show. I also hope I can get to check Prosumer, and will look definitely be looking forward to checking Craig's set, I'm sure he'll be digging deep for this weekend.

Saturday 17th October

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