Footprintz fabric Promo Mix

In the heavy heat of this Saturdays Visionquest sonic 4 deck DJ onslaught, a special debut live show from Footprintz awaits. Marking the second release on the free-thinking Visionquest label last year, ‘Utopia’ EP strikes a chord on vintage pop obscurities and house junkie gems giving us a serious quench of thirst to hear more from the Montreal duo on the stage this weekend. Made up of Addy Weitzman, an ‘inspired composer, organist, harpsichordist’ and Clarion North a ‘notorious mad-scientist-slash-part-time-counterfeiter’ - the vivid atmosphere of their live set can be sampled in this far-reaching promo mix of freakishly good Footprintz favourites.

DOWNLOAD: Footprintz fabric Promo Mix

Til I Die - Beach Boys (Footprintz Remix)
Touch Me - Suicide
Darling Don't Leave Me - Robert Görl (Footprintz Edit)
Thorns - Z-Factor
Life With You - Expansives
Lost Inside of You - Virgo Four
U - Clarian
Lies (Watch Your Lift) - LoSoul
Let Your Body Talk - Ace & The Sandman
Mysteries of The East - Jhalib
It Shakes The Heart - Clarian
The End of Love - Suite

Saturday 3rd March

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