Frank & Tony - fabric Promo Mix

You'll most likely have been introduced to the composite players involved in Frank & Tony - aka Anthony Collins and Francis Harris - individually, through their solo exploits or by way of their shared avant-garde leaning record label, Scissor & Thread. Irrespective of your entrance point though, they're a couple of dudes who have never proved themselves to be afraid to break the mould. Masters at creating an otherworldly ambience between their beats they've recently taken to working more as a collaborative outfit and they've already released a number of acclaimed EPs togther on Scissor & Thread. You need only check their latest offering, Apprentice to witness exactly how Frank & Tony take things to another level where their confident, ethereal synths intersect with a bevvy of expertly weighted, deep house chugs.

In just over a fortnight's time (11th July) the pair will be returning to Room Two to share a cross section of their record collections with us once again and as a prelude to their upcoming performance they've taken some time out from their schedules to compile this exclusive mix...


Saturday 11th July

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