Jan Krueger - fabric x Toi Toi Mix

With a preference for the minimalist funk that's typical of labels like Accelerate, Phono and Mosaic, Jan Kreuger is a master of creating brain meltingly frenetic journies - working the grooves in his own accomplished and off kilter way. He's been DJing for 20 years now so has the benefit of experience as well as the knowledge – though you can qualify his taste as a selector by delving through the back catalogue of the Hello?Repeat label he co-runs with Daze Maxim out in Berlin.

Jan’s no stranger to our dancefloors and we're fully aware of the storm he is set to cook up come Saturday night when he joins east London's Toi Toi collective up in Room Three but just in case you needed educating in the esteemed selector's capabilities - and also because a mix from Kreuger is always a pleasurable listening exercise - we asked him to record an exclusive mix for us to present to you...

Download: Jan Krueger - fabric X Toi Toi Mix

You’re really a DJ more than a producer - there’s only really one release I can find by you. What kind of balance of new and old do you find you play out - are you still excited about current music that’s being released now?
Yes, we can definitely say that I'm a DJ before anything else. There is clearly still a lot of good music being released but most of the records I play come from the past 20 years. What I've been collecting since then. I'm not restraining myself to those rare gems though, I also follow what's coming out and keep enriching my record collection.

Do you have any records that have been constants in all your years of DJing, are there certain records that you always like to have in your record bag?
All of my records are constantly present but for sure some of them always find their way back into my record bag. All of my records are constantly present but for sure some of them always find there way back into my record bag. Like records of Accelerate, Phono, Mosaic (...)

Can you tell us about the mix you’ve recorded to us – what did you want to get across in it? Is it a representation of what you’re playing in the club at the moment?
Let's say that the music I choose represents what I would play in a club although it differs in how I bring it together... The people, the atmosphere, the energy you get from the dancefloor is missing in my studio. It's a bit more introspective.

Any plans to go into the studio? Your biography mentions future plans…
We are finalising the set up in the studio I share with my partner on Hello?Repeat, Daze Maxim. I'll soon be working in it. Yes. Really looking forward!

To be a DJ alone remains to be a novel thing even with such figures as Jackmaster and Ben UFO being particularly proilific

Can we talk a bit about Hello?Repeat what’s your current focus for the label? What do you have upcoming and do you have plans for any more t shirts
I just became a daddy and things slowed down but we've been getting back on track with our last release by DeWalta and Voigtmann which will be soon followed by a split EP by Bruno Pronsato and Jans Zimmermann (by the end of the year). Begginning 2015 we will release a collaboration between Daze Maxim and Patrick Specke. Besides, Daze Maxim is working on his new album.
We are also commissioning visual artists to create the cover artworks for those upcoming EPs and we are planning to edit some new teeshirts, yes.

You’re returning to Room three this weekend to play for a party crew I know you have a deep history with can you tell us about how far back your connection with Toi Toi goes? What do you enjoy most about playing for Toi Toi?
I met Isis and Claus in 2007 at a Hello?Repeat party in Munich. I remember we had an amazing time... Some years later they invited me to play at one of the early Toi.Toi. party and made me a resident ! We can say I relate to the vision they have and create through what they do. I feel home.


Saturday 20th September

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