Jimmy Edgar - Hot Raw Sex

Ahead of Jimmy Edgar's appearance at the club this Saturday - where he'll be performing alongside fabric 49 artist Magda and Craig Richards - we thought we'd point you in the direction of another bundle of fresh and free music. fabricfirst members are able to stream the recording of the last time Jimmy graced the club with his live show back in February for the Autonomic residency over in the members audio section - just flip down the top drop down menu, start typing his name and get locked on to one of the most twisted sets to have graced our risen Room Three stage this past year.

You can also download 'Hot Raw Sex,' a track taken from his forthcoming 'XXX' album which is due out 26th July on !K7 Records, over at our Soundcloud profile... To paraphrase FACT mag, 'Hot Raw Sex' "is both hot, raw and sexy. Oh yes."

Download: Jimmy Edgar - Hot Raw Sex


Saturday 26th June

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